Thank you Alameda for what you mean to me and my family!
I have never been a resident at Alameda Center, yet I feel a tremendous connection to the facility.

My grandparents, who were married for over 60 years, spent the last 8 years of their life there. It started with my grandfather’s failing health and grandma could no longer care for him on her own. My family and I were totally lost, without any prior knowledge about nursing homes or the complicated process that we would now need to go through. A friend recommended Alameda to us, and that changed everything. Alameda took care of everything from admission, care, and insurance, to appointments etc. Not long after, we needed to place grandma in a home as well. This time we didn’t need any recommendations, we knew Alameda was the right place! We had seen firsthand what great care grandpa was getting.

The last time my grandparents saw each other – they were at Alameda. It was a truly special moment for them and our family. They thanked us for sending them to Alameda over any other place.

~Stephanie Vanco

A Heartfelt Testimonial From Ms. Rosa Diaz:
(An excerpt translated from the original Spanish):
“… My sister in law is at Alameda, and I can honestly say that it is the quality of attention she receives from the staff that keeps her alive.”

PRAHDIn Heartfelt Appreciation to Alameda and the Dedicated Staff:
As soon as you walk through the door, it is clear that Alameda Center is dedicated to excellence. The entire staff – from the reception team to the medical professionals – treats the patients with immense respect and dignity. Their steadfast attention, kindness and compassion is invaluable, and the staff makes a concerted effort to bring entire families together in the Patient’s recovery process. Thanks to the wonderful care he received at Alameda, my brother is on the road to recovery.

The Center is tastefully decorated, and offers an environment to recover both physically and emotionally. I don’t know if words can properly describe my gratitude to the Alameda Center and its staff – nonetheless I offer a heartfelt thank you.

A very special thank you to Dr. Gonzalez and Junel Hutchinson who embraced my brother and my family during a very difficult time. Earlier this week, my brother returned to Alameda Center to say hello to the medical staff that cared for him and brought them cookies. He will never forget how well he was treated and cared for. Nor will I, or my family.

~With sincere gratitude, Yvonne Lopez and Family

The purpose of this letter is to formally commend Chris T for the excellent services he provided to me while I was a patient at Alameda Center.

On September 20 I underwent Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery on my left hip. On September 23rd I was transferred to Alameda Center. Chris was the first point of personal contact I had at Alameda. He was professional, personable and knowledgeable. After I was installed in my room and made comfortable, Chris made a personal assessment of my condition and went so far as to review not only the medication that was prescribed for me, but took the time to explain the reason for each medication. During my entire stay at Alameda he was the person I relied upon for information and he always went the extra yard.

I feel compelled to tell you that the level of service that Chris provided extended far beyond my expectations. Chris always exhibited the most professional, respectful, and caring ways. He possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills. Furthermore, Chris is extremely compassionate and possesses a strong desire to help his patients. He is a credit to your staff. He is a top notch healthcare provider and he is sure to have a brilliant future as a health care professional.

~ Richard

It has been over a month since my mom has passed, and I wanted to share with you our deepest gratitude for all the support shown during that period of transition. It is not until you go through something like that that you can see the value in the relationships that were established at Alameda.

My mom had been a resident e for over eight years. During that time, she never complained about her care and how she was being treated. Everyone from the custodial staff to the nurses and cooks knew Ms. Emma. She loved them and they loved her. I am so grateful to God for allowing us to find the Alameda family. Thank you for all you did to make our time together memorable.

If ever I had the opportunity to recommend a nursing home facility for the care of a love one, Alameda would be my first and only choice.

~ The family of Emma H

I was recently discharged from your facility and would like to express a word of thanks to each and everyone of you who partook in my caregiving . All the kind words, beautiful flowers, boxes of candy, etc., could not compare to how grateful I am to have had such care & love.

~ Orlanda

This letter comes with heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for facilitating my recuperation from a pelvic fracture. Special mention must be made to Dr. McKenna, a consummate professional. The entire staff, including Jenni Carlock, Junel Hutchinson, and all the very compassionate and attentive nurses, have my deepest appreciation and gratitude. The Physical Therapy was outstanding. Lula combined sensitivity with the goal of moving forward. In closing, Alameda employs some of the most gracious aides. I will never forget Otanie Smith who anticipated my every need.

~ Sincerely yours, Joan Neimeira (mother of Dr. Neimeira)

I must first thank you and your staff for helping me on our tour of your facility. In talking with you, you made my decision a little easier. After 43 yrs of being together, my husband Ed & I have never been separated, so this was very hard. But I truly believe, he will get the best help he can to come home and be able to live life once again as a strong, confident man. And for that I am truly thankful to you, So this is just a little thank you for your kindness…Once again, God Bless You.

~ Fondly, Dawn Z.

Thank you to everyone who cared for my mother; the nursing staff were absolutely wonderful and caring. The nurses maintained my mother’s dignity until the end, kept her comfortable and truly cared for her. Also the social worker was very supportive and the overall experience was a pleasant one despite the circumstances. My mother always seemed at peace while she was there.

~ Karen S.

“A world of thanks to you,” while true, does not adequately express our deep appreciation and gratitude for the care and comfort your staff at Alameda Center provided to our father. Some time ago, father told me that Alameda Center was his ‘home away from home.’ Coming from him it was a tribute, not only to your organization, but also to the dedication and efforts of Mr. Thakar, his family and the staff of the Indian Program. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to all of them. Over the years, the many of the staff at Alameda Center have become our extended family. We will always remember your kindness to our father.

~ Awind T. & family

My grandmother has been a resident at your facility for the past several months. I just wanted to thank your staff for being so wonderful. I visited her yesterday and she was just in her glory after receiving what she described as the “best bath she ever had.” She really loves it there. It’s such a relief to know that she is well taken care of and has adjusted from being at home to being in a place where she has made many friends and has all her needs met 24/7. Thank you again.

~ Sincerely, Mary E.

Thank you so much for the care and love you showered upon my mother, Margaret B. Your attentiveness and love towards her was very sincere and much appreciated. I will never forget each and every one of you. You will always be in my heart and prayers. I am looking forward to seeing you all on occasion, in the future. May God bless you all for serving in the simplest and most needed way. You truly treated Margaret as family.

~ Steve B.

Thanks to all of you for making Mom’s 3½ years so great. She really felt it was her home and you were so kind to her in her last, long weeks.

~ Paul & Diane B.

I’d like to take the time to share the experience that I had here at Alameda Center. It was when I got here that I had no hope in getting better. It wasn’t until I met the staff, they showed me that they care and also the director stated I would get better physically and emotionally. The staff here listened to me and worked with me to resolve the issues that I had in my process of recovery. The staff that worked with me directly are very special to me and I will never forget them. I truly believe that Alameda Center is just like one big happy family.”

~ Sandy B.

Life was dull and boring in the last facility I came from. I am happy here from all points of view.

~ Swarnalatha A.

I am happy here. I have made many friends. We play dominos and bingo together.

~ Joe K.

I’m very excited. We have weekly entertainers that sing with us. I feel better and my life seems brighter.”

~ Marina B.

“I left the Center to stay with my son for a week in NY. I not only called Alameda every day, but returned three days early.”

~ Parsottand P.

“I love it at Alameda! The staff is so nice, the food is delicious and the games are fun.”

~ Paul G.
Alameda Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare