• 1. How did you learn about our facility ?

  • 2. What was your initial impression of the facility ?

  • 3. Did you feel that you and your loved one were greeted in a positive & friendly manner ?

  • 4. Did you feel that Social Services made the admission process informative? How satisfactorily did the business office personnel answer your questions regarding insurance benefits and payment issues ?

  • 5. How promptly and professionally did you feel that the business office answered your questions regarding your bills ?

  • 6. How attentive is the administrative staff to any problems and/or concerns presented?

  • 7. How would you rate the physical surroundings i.e., grounds, resident rooms, hallways, and entryway ?

  • 8. How satisfied were you with the physical accommodations? Did you find them pleasant and comfortable ?

  • 9. How well do you feel that the staff respect and maintain your loved one’s dignity ?

  • 10. How would you rate the Activity Department’s various programs ? Do you feel that they are of interest to your loved one ?

  • 11. How satisfied are you with the frequency of the activities offered ?

  • 12. How would you rate the housekeeping & laundry services ?

  • 13. How satisfied are you with the dining experience ?

  • 14. How satisfied are you with the variety of menu items offered by our dietary department ?

  • 15. How supportive were the social service staff to you and/or your loved one? How satisfactorily did you feel that they answered your questions and assist you with any problems or concerns ?

  • 16. If therapy was provided (Physical, Occupational or Speech) how positive was your experience? How supportive and helpful were the staf ?

  • 17. How attentive are the nursing staff to any questions presented ?

  • 18. How satisfied are you with the timely manner in which changes in your loved one’s condition are communicated to you ?

  • 19. How comfortable did the staff make you feel ? How would you rate the quality of care we provided to your loved one ?

  • 20. How likely are you to recommend our facility to others ?

Thank you!

Your feedback helps us improve as we continue to provide quality care for your loved one.


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