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Alameda Center For Rehabilitation & Healthcare, a foremost provider of subacute rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in Perth Amboy is proud to announce its new “Red Carpet Program”, a VIP send-off for subacute patients who complete the prescribed rehabilitation process and are ready to return home.

Subacute rehabilitation at Alameda Center is comprehensive inpatient care designed for people recovering from a surgery, injury or illness and no longer require acute hospital care. Often an uphill journey, subacute rehab demands lots of work from the patient, and the determination to regain strength, claim back independence and return home to their cherished routines.

“Rehabilitation is aimed at ensuring a safe transition home after a hospital stay” indicates Pinni Friedman, LNHA, Alameda’s administrator. For that transition back home to take place, Alameda’s rehab specialists work diligently with the patients so they can make functional gains within a reasonable amount of time, and attain definite and measurable rehab goals.

Subacute patients admitted to Alameda begin their rehab journey within 24 hours of admission, and usually participate in physical, occupational and sometimes speech therapy sessions led by Alameda’s outstanding therapists in addition to receiving comprehensive services form their team that includes nurses, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists and other specialists as needed.

“Understandably”, says Friedman, “reaching the time of discharge is momentous for our patients, and we recognize their hard work by giving them a VIP farewell that lets them know they have joined the ranks of “Alameda’s Rehab Stars”.

Maximizing patient safety & independence, and making sure the patients return to their daily activities at home with the necessary confidence, the Alameda Team relishes each Red Carpet walk, knowing well the tremendous effort, determination and hard work behind this moment.

To learn more about Alameda Center’s Specialized Cardiac Rehab and the impressive array of clinical programs tailored to the needs of the community, please contact Diana Candell at Admissions 732-442-9540 extension 7281 or visit

Ms. Wilda Diaz: Mayor of Perth Amboy – And Friend of Alameda Center!

Pinni Friedman, LNHA, Administrator at Alameda Center and Dr. Gonzalez, Director of Hispanic Program, attended Mayor Wilda Diaz State of the City address.

The room, filled to standing room only, heard and saw a decade worth of healthy leadership and a bright forecast of the City’s future.

Alameda is proud to call Perth Amboy home and support our friend, Mayor Diaz in her initiatives!

Introducing Cardiac Rehabilitation That Speaks The Language of Your Heart

March 13, 2018. Alameda Center For Rehabilitation & Healthcare, a foremost provider of subacute rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in Perth Amboy, is proud to introduce a novel Specialized Cardiac Rehabilitation program that utilizes the most advanced technology and strong rehabilitation techniques, and is focused on helping patients recover quickly, return home and avoid hospital readmission.

Under the direction of Dr. Puneet Sahgal, who holds a Board Certification in Cardiovascular Disease and currently serves as the Chairman at Raritan Bay’s Medical Center Department of Medicine, the multidisciplinary team at Alameda expertly utilizes best evidence-based algorithms, tailoring the clinical care to increase each patient’s ability to conduct activities of daily living and enhance their overall independence.

It is estimated that half of all Americans have at least one of the top three risk factors for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.

“Fortunately”, indicates Dr. Sahgal, “heart disease is largely preventable, and there are clinically proven ways for people to reduce their risk, such as stopping to smoke, being more active, and reducing stress.”

This, however, is only part of the equation. Even though it is well-established that stress plays an important role is heart issues, the cause of the stress can be very hard to tackle since it can vary in modality and intensity according to each person’s emotional makeup – and their cultural background.

It is of utmost importance to understand the person to appropriately tailor a course of treatment that will restore them to optimal health – and even of greater importance, to understand how exactly they get stressed to begin with, to prevent a heart condition and avoid any escalation when the patient has been already diagnosed with a heart condition.

“This is precisely what makes our Cardiac Program at Alameda exceptional” says Dr. Sahgal, “because our multicultural, multilingual staff can relate to and understand the cultural nuances that, as you see, can be an important factor in both prevention and recovery, thus making our clinical care personalized and cutting-edge”.
To learn more about Alameda Center’s Specialized Cardiac Rehab and the impressive array of clinical programs tailored to the needs of the community, please contact Diana Candell at Admissions 732-442-9540 extension 7281.

Welcoming Pinni Friedman to Alameda Center!

We are delighted to introduce Pinni Friedman as our new Administrator – and excited about his aim to elevate our outstanding patient & resident care to new heights.

A healthcare professional since 2010, Pinni holds an LNHA License in the states of New Jersey and New York and brings to Alameda a successful track record of transforming his workplace into a 5-Star healthcare facility and achieving Deficiency-Free Surveys for two consecutive years.

We are confident that Pinni’s diligence in clinical excellence and the team-building skills that led him to these achievements, are a great match for Alameda’s dedicated staff.

Subacute Rehab Every Day of The Year!

January 8, 2018. Perth Amboy, NJ. Step into Alameda Center For Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Perth Amboy during the holiday season, and you might run into a local group of Girl Scouts and their Troop Leaders caroling through the halls of this towering 250-bed subacute rehabilitation and nursing care facility, meet members of a local church delivering gifts, and witness a steady stream of family members who from near and far come to visit their loved ones.

Even more impressive, is that in the midst of this merriment, distinctive of the Holiday season, the care teams at Alameda Center remain ready to provide high quality of care, establishing once more Alameda’s 30-year reputation for clinical excellence.

“When you are a healthcare provider, you can’t take any day lightly – holiday or not,” says Jay Berger, LNHA, adding that at Alameda Center, the care continues throughout the holiday season. “Whether it is easing the transition from the hospital through our uncomplicated admissions process, summoning the specialists to tend to specific conditions, or providing uninterrupted rehab therapies, we operate with ‘all hands-on-deck’ 365 days of the year, and our care teams remain in place, providing the excellence in care we are renowned for.”

“We’re all quite aware it’s the holidays, and as a staff, we do have some lighter moments during those days, like our door decorating contest that brings out the creativity in all of us” indicates one of the highly qualified registered nurses at Alameda. “But we remain focused on our reason to be here: our Patients and Residents’ wellbeing”.

Beyond their capacity to remain focused, what’s remarkable about Alameda’s staff is how they harness the high spirits of the season to boost their patients’ rehab progress and propel their recovery.

Case in point, the generous offer from Alameda’s administration for family members to enjoy free transportation to and from the facility when visiting their loved ones.

Certainly, no one wants to be in the midst of recovering from orthopedic surgery or a cardiac event during the holiday season. But if there’s a patient in need, be assured that the team of physicians and rehab specialists at Alameda Center will be there – ready to provide the care needed and help both Patients & Residents step into the New Year at their highest level of functionality.

The Spirit of Christmas at Alameda Center!

The visiting Girl Scouts and their leaders caroled through our halls – bringing smiles and wellbeing to our Residents!

Images From Our CEU Event!

In collaboration with VITAS Healthcare, Alameda’s Educational Program had great attendance – and perfectly combined with a delightful dinner at the Portuguese Manor. Take a look!