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Intent on Reducing Re-hospitalizations at Alameda Center

Meet Our Nurse Practitioner Sarah Boboli

We take pride in our Nurse Practitioner who is onsite full-time to assure our residents’ medical needs are effectively cared for promptly. NP Sarah Boboli’s professional presence is integral to our efforts to reduce hospital re-admissions by eliminating needless hospitalizations. 
Ms. Boboli assesses the status of all newly admitted residents – reviewing their medications and ordering labs if needed, and works closely with our doctors and nurses to coordinate treatment. After attending daily morning meetings where she is apprised of any patients with immediate concerns, she makes her rounds on each floor. When a resident’s temperature is elevated, she looks for the underlying problem – so that the treatment can be effective.

nurse practitioner

“Communication is so important. I make sure to get in touch with the PCP of every patient I see, so that their doctor is up to date on their care and can be a part of the process. There are so many issues that come up here that can be treated in-house. It is gratifying to help patients avoid the hassle of an emergency room visit when it’s  avoidable and unnecessary.” 

– Sarah Boboli, NP