Joint Replacement and Diabetes

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People who have diabetes may be at greater risk after joint surgery. Over twenty-five million Americans have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and this can cause problems in the nervous, vascular and immune systems. Diabetes and joint replacement About eight percent of people who have joint replacement surgeries have diabetes. While diabetes is…

Lung Function and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Lung function diseases affect millions of Americans and are a leading cause of death. However, prevention and cure are possible in many cases. Many people with breathing trouble attend pulmonary rehabilitation programs to find a better way. What are lung diseases? There are several lung diseases that affect how a person breathes. The most widespread…

Alameda Center Introduces TeleHealth Solutions!

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We are thrilled to welcome TeleHealth Solutions into our family! We are bringing 24 hour care to the next level!

Osteoarthritis and Joints

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osteoarthritis and joints

Although arthritis usually strikes older people, osteoarthritis can affect anyone at any age. The reason it’s usually associated with older people is that they have put in more time on their bones due to their age. But a if a younger person pushed his body excessively, he is also at risk for osteoarthritis and all…

Tour Alameda Center and Receive a Free Gift!

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We are so excited to tour with you and appreciate the opportunity to showcase our incredible program of care and rehabilitation. Contact our Admissions Department today to schedule a tour and receive a free gift while you are here!    

Occupational Therapy and Stroke

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Stroke victims often become impaired to some degree, and occupational therapy is usually required to get the patient back to a healthy mode of living. While each patient has a different story, most stroke victims will need to re-learn some skills for daily living. The occupational therapist is the address. How does occupational therapy help?…

Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee replacement surgery is indicated when someone has irreversible damage to his knee. In younger people, this generally happens due to a tear in one of the ligaments. In older people, this might happen due to deterioration, fracture or arthritis. How does it work? The knee is made up of three bones as well as…

Wishing You A Wonderful Week!

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From your friends at Alameda Center

Vision Evaluations for Patients Receiving Neurological Care

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Vision experts have come out with a recommendation for patients who have suffered from TBI’s, or Traumatic brain injuries, and are receiving neurological care. Doctors are encouraging patients who may have neurological damage to have their vision evaluated post-injury. This new recommendation was put out jointly by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)…

Amazing Things Are Happening At Alameda Center!

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Stay Tuned for our exciting announcements and initiatives!