Alameda Is Proud To Recognize Our Emergency Responders

By Alameda Staff | August 17, 2017 |

As published in the South Amboy Times:

By Alameda Staff | July 31, 2017 |

Meet Paul Preston, Director of Dining Services at Alameda

By Alameda Staff | July 7, 2017 |

With a Public Health Degree from Rutgers University + Servsafe Certification … he’s got the kitchens at Alameda rocking! Paul, what’s the best part of your job at Alameda? The ABSOLUTE BEST part is the ethnic diversity of both Residents and staff: A truly unique array of people that reflects how remarkable Alameda Center is.…

RBMC Foundation Honors Dr. Guillen with the Excellence in Medicine Award!

By Alameda Staff | May 15, 2017 |

Raritan Bay Medical Center Foundation’s premier fundraising event, the 33rd Annual Harbor Lights Ball took place this past Friday, May 12, honoring Dr. Gregorio Guillen, with the Excellence in Medicine Award!

A Great Presence: Dr. Gonzalez At Perth Amboy’s L.E.A.F.!

By Alameda Staff | May 11, 2017 |

Perth Amboy’s Learning Empowerment, Achievement Foundation (L.E.A.F.) held their Annual Gala on May 06, 2017 at the Cornucopia St. Charles vessel. Honoring the 2017 scholarship recipients was Laurie Hernandez: Renowned 2016 Summer Olympic US Gold Medal Winner in gymnastics and 2016 Dancing with the Stars Winner. Pictured below: Laurie Hernandez and Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez…

Spotlight on Terri Dellapietro: Going Above & Beyond Her Call Of Duty

By Alameda Staff | April 4, 2017 |

Recovering from a severe infection and in dire need of post acute rehab, Mr. R, a gentleman in his mid-seventies, was admitted to Alameda Center following his hospital discharge. His wife was used to the valet parking service she was treated to at the hospital every time she visited her husband there, and assumed she…

Happy National Doctors Day

By Alameda Staff | March 30, 2017 |

Alameda Center Featured In The Amboy Guardian!

By Alameda Staff | March 21, 2017 |

Alameda Speaks on “Protocols”

By Alameda Staff | March 20, 2017 |

We’ve often heard that computers are able to communicate with one another, worldwide; because of the different “operating languages” they use via the protocols. In healthcare, the use of clinical protocols allows health care providers to offer appropriate diagnostic treatment and care services to patients. Alameda has been at the forefront of protocol development for…

Alameda Center’s Dr. Gonzalez At The Perth Amboy Senior Center!

By Alameda Staff | March 9, 2017 |

In accordance with Alameda’s Monthly Community Calendar, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez discussed the topic “The Pharmacy in Your Home.” Addressing a group of Spanish and English speakers, he indicated that drugs don’t belong in the bathroom since heat and dampness speed the medication natural decay process. Keep medications in a separate, lockable easily accessible cabinet…