Medicaid Expansion Increases Emergency Room Visits

By Alameda Staff | September 24, 2019 | 0 Comments
Medicaid expansion may increase ER visits

Everyone wants all people to have access to quality healthcare, whatever political affiliation they espouse and where they fall on the economic spectrum. The question that plagues us all, and causes division, is how to achieve that. Medicaid is meant to help people on the lower scale of income to receive quality healthcare. What is…

Eye Care, Treatment and Interventions in the Skilled Nursing Facility

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eye care in a skilled nursing facility

Patients are generally at a skilled nursing facility for issues that are unrelated to their eyesight. However, it’s something that shouldn’t be left out of well-care exams for patients at any age in any type of living arrangement. Eyesight counts Unless there are complaints, eyesight is something that can get overlooked, especially for patients who…

The National Family Caregiver Support Program and Respite Care

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respite care for caregivers

Taking care of a sick family member can be rough, and also expensive. When a family member gets sick, there are a few options for care – and all of them cost a lot of money. A long-term care facility or home health aide can run a large bill, and taking time off of work…

Wound Recovery Efforts to Help Faster Healing

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Faster wound recovery

What if there was a way to help heal wounds faster? Some wounds fester, taking a long time to heal, and chronic wounds often simply don’t disappear. There are new products and methods being developed that can help with fast and better wound recovery. And of course, there are the age-old methods for helping to…

The Looming Care Gap and Long Term Care

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Preparing for long term care

The number of Americans who will be becoming seniors in upcoming years is growing at a fierce rate. About 117 million seniors will need some sort of caregiving in 2020, and the projection is that in 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans will be over the age of 65, while by 2035, 11.5 million…

New Jersey Hospitals to Institute No Violence Interventions

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New Jersey hospitals

A New Jersey law has recently been signed that requires some New Jersey hospitals to institute interventions to help curb the cycle of violence in the state.  New Jersey hospitals have an important opportunity Unfortunately, research has shown that crime victims have a greatly increased risk of becoming  a victim again or even becoming a…

Not Enough Medicare Education

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We need more Medicare education

The results of a recent survey show that Americans don’t really know a whole lot about Medicare. As “Medicare for all” is becoming a hot-button issue, especially with the Democratic National Primaries coming up, it’s unsettling to imagine that millions of US citizens might be persuaded to have opinions about an issue that they so…

The Role of the Primary Care Physician in Post Hospital Care

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Pcps and post hospitalization care

The role of the primary care physician in American healthcare has been dwindling in the past few years. This seems to be a purely American concept, as the trend is not showing elsewhere. Why is this? What is the primary care physician’s role in post hospital care? And how can the trend be reversed? Fewer…

Share Your Experience On Senior Advisor!

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Can Obesity Help in Stroke Recovery?

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can obesity help stroke recovery?

A new study is turning standard results about the effects of obesity on their heads – it showed that stroke patients who were obese had a much higher stroke recovery rate than those of regular weight, and those of the lowest weight bracket had the worst survival rates. Doctors are trying to make sense of…