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Alameda Center’s Red Carpet Program Is Officially Inaugurated!

Congratulations Wieslawa!
Alameda Center’s first Resident to graduate from our rehab’s Red Carpet Program and walk fabulously on the red carpet.
Take a look at these images of Wieslawa, surrounded by the physicians, specialists, therapists and staff coming to celebrate with her and marking her send off back to her cherished routines at home.

red carpet program

red carpet program-alameda

red carpet program


Alameda Center For Rehabilitation & Healthcare, a foremost provider of subacute rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in Perth Amboy is proud to announce its new “Red Carpet Program”, a VIP send-off for subacute patients who complete the prescribed rehabilitation process and are ready to return home.

Subacute rehabilitation at Alameda Center is comprehensive inpatient care designed for people recovering from a surgery, injury or illness and no longer require acute hospital care. Often an uphill journey, subacute rehab demands lots of work from the patient, and the determination to regain strength, claim back independence and return home to their cherished routines.

“Rehabilitation is aimed at ensuring a safe transition home after a hospital stay” indicates Pinni Friedman, LNHA, Alameda’s administrator. For that transition back home to take place, Alameda’s rehab specialists work diligently with the patients so they can make functional gains within a reasonable amount of time, and attain definite and measurable rehab goals.

Subacute patients admitted to Alameda begin their rehab journey within 24 hours of admission, and usually participate in physical, occupational and sometimes speech therapy sessions led by Alameda’s outstanding therapists in addition to receiving comprehensive services form their team that includes nurses, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists and other specialists as needed.

“Understandably”, says Friedman, “reaching the time of discharge is momentous for our patients, and we recognize their hard work by giving them a VIP farewell that lets them know they have joined the ranks of “Alameda’s Rehab Stars”.

Maximizing patient safety & independence, and making sure the patients return to their daily activities at home with the necessary confidence, the Alameda Team relishes each Red Carpet walk, knowing well the tremendous effort, determination and hard work behind this moment.

To learn more about Alameda Center’s Specialized Cardiac Rehab and the impressive array of clinical programs tailored to the needs of the community, please contact Diana Candell at Admissions 732-442-9540 extension 7281 or visit