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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Rates are Low for African Americans

Pulmonary rehabilitation rates are low

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a game-changer in the fight against COPD for many sufferers. However, only a small fraction of people who are eligible for the program actually enroll in it, and disturbingly, that number goes further down for the African American population. What is pulmonary rehabilitation? Pulmonary rehab is a program where people who have…

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Blood Pressure Medication for Alzheimer’s Care?

Blood pressure and Alzheimer's care

A new study finds that blood pressure medication increases blood flow in the veins leading to the hippocampus, the first part of the brain where Alzheimer’s disease strikes. Although the study isn’t far-reaching and doesn’t prove that this drug helps fight Alzheimer’s, the authors say it is encouraging and further research may show it to…

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Technology for Better Post-Acute Care

Advances in post-acute care

As insurance companies and government health organizations become increasingly aware of influencing factors in healthcare, they are in turn becoming more savvy about how to allot payments for these factors. One example is post-acute care. Much research has shown that if patients are not well-take care of in the immediate time post-op, hospital readmissions greatly…

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New Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

New Hope for Stroke Rehabilitation

A new type of stroke rehabilitation therapy has been developed that may provide better help and new hope for stroke patients. What happens in a stroke? A stroke occurs when blood supply is cut off to the brain. Simple biology is that the heart pumps blood to all parts of our bodies through the vascular…

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Cardiac Rehab for Veterans With PTSD and Depression

cardiac rehab for veterans

New findings show that army veterans with mental health issues are likely make use of cardiac rehab. The study, published in The Journal of The American Heart Association, found that veterans who had a history of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or depression were more likely than veterans who didn’t have this history to go…

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To Delay the Need for Alzheimer’s Care, Brush Your Teeth!

Brushing Teeth to Prevent Alzheimer's Care

Believe it or not, new studies point to Toothbrushing as a means for stalling the advent of Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies point to the fact that oral bacteria makes the rounds in the body, and can cause disaster throughout. If you don’t want to end up needing Alzheimer’s care too soon, start brushing your teeth…

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Vascular Care Can Help With Wound Healing

Vascular care for wounds

Chronic wounds have been increasing across hospitals nationwide. Different types of wounds require different types of treatment, but altogether, the approach to treating wounds needs a bit of a makeover, according to wound care experts. Instead of tidying up wounds and sending patients home, other aspects of a patient’s care need to be addressed, including…

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Providing Comfort Care at Home

Providing comfort care

Research has shown, and it’s rather intuitive, that people would much prefer to pass away at home instead of in a hospital bed. However, when someone is ill, it can be challenging, and yes, even a bit scary for someone to commit to providing comfort care for a terminally ill family member. Caretakers need a…

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Orthopedic Rehab – Before an Injury

orthopedic rehab

A new concept in the world of orthopedic rehab is getting the rehab before an injury strikes. In this way, doing the exercises and activities that someone might do after an orthopedic injury before it might happen will hopefully prevent its occurrence. If you are an athlete, you can find out more at a rehab…

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Exercise Rehabilitation for CKD patients

Exercise rehabilitation

A new study published in the Clinical Kidney Journal describes how exercise rehabilitation can make a strong impact on the exercise habits of CKD, or chronic kidney disease, patients. This can potentially translate into fewer hospital admissions and allover better health. What is exercise rehabilitation? What is exercise rehabilitation? It’s a several-week program, generally around…

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