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Four Steps for Post Hospitalization Care

When someone leaves the hospital, it’s critical that she receives the appropriate post hospitalization care. Unfortunately, there’s a high rate of readmission – from 20% to 30%, depending on the procedure. What are the causes? Sometimes it’s just a matter of illness or injury. But often, the patient hasn’t taken sufficient care to take the […]

Recreation Activities for Seniors With Limited Mobility

While many seniors are in terrific shape and can enjoy the same mobile activities they always have, such as biking, walking, swimming and other forms of exercise, some of them may lose the ability to perform heavy-duty physical exercise. As we age, our bodies lose some dexterity, especially if we aren’t careful to stay healthy […]

Medicare for all?

The Medicare system in the United States currently covers the healthcare needs of people over the age of sixty-five. Various federal and state lawmakers have tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to create universal healthcare plans to cover all of the needs of all of the American people. The newest entrant is the Bernie Sanders plan, a tremendously […]

Respite Care and Caregivers

Today more than ever, when aging in place has become a popular trend for America’s elderly, the burden of elder care has fallen on the shoulders of family members. Older people want to live out their years in the comforts of home in place of a residential facility, and if their health allows it, they […]

Wound Care Rehab

Proper wound care requires more than simply allowing a wound to heal. Depending on the cause and severity of a wound, the patient may need several types of therapy for correct wound care rehab. Aging populations and wounds Wounds are more commonly associated with an aging population, and some wound are more specific to long […]

Joint Replacement and Diabetes

People who have diabetes may be at greater risk after joint surgery. Over twenty-five million Americans have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and this can cause problems in the nervous, vascular and immune systems. Diabetes and joint replacement About eight percent of people who have joint replacement surgeries have diabetes. While diabetes is […]