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The Job of the Social Worker in Short Term Rehabilitation

social worker for short term rehabilitation

A social worker is an integral part of a short term rehabilitation staff. Depending on the size of the rehab facility, there might be a social worker working part time or full time, or there may be more than one to meet the needs of all of the patients. Social workers in short term rehabilitation…

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Finding the Right Post-Op Care for Medicare Beneficiaries

post-op care for Medicare patients

Many patients need post-op care after discharge from a hospital. After a stroke or major surgery, patients and their families need to make the big decision about where to go for continued post-op care, which they may need until they’re more recovered. Patients with private insurance may have more leeway, but Medicare beneficiaries need to…

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CHF Rehab, Symptoms, and Causes

chf rehab

Congestive heart failure, or CHF, is a condition where a person’s heart is not capable of functioning adequately. This is obviously a serious illness, and catching symptoms early can make a big difference in outcomes. There are many ways to prevent CHF in most cases, although depending on the cause, it can be difficult to…

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5 Ways to Offer Emotional Support for Respiratory Rehab Patients

Ways to offer emotional support for respiratory rehab patients

Respiratory diseases are the third highest cause of death in the United States. While many people do well living with the disease, especially if they go through a respiratory rehab program, the physical symptoms they feel and the knowledge they have that they illness could be fatal certainly gives them emotional dissonance. The facts show…

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Physical Therapy Strategies for Progressive Diseases

Physical therapy can help progressive disease

Many of the effects of progressive diseases that affect a person’s muscular system can be slowed down or improved with physical therapy. Diseases such as Parkinson’s, Freidrich’s Ataxia, as well as many others, may be progressive and degenerative, but exercises geared toward delaying the progression can improve a person’s chance of health. Physical therapy as…

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Proper Communication and Dementia Care

Proper Dementia Care

It can be challenging to communicate effectively when providing dementia care because dementia is all about communication problems. A person who has dementia suffers from a range of symptoms that may include memory issues, clarity in thinking and expression, mood swings, and personality changes. This is in addition to the emotional aspect of someone in…

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Common Myths About Long Term Care

Planning for long term care

Long term care is somewhat misunderstood outside of people who are currently dealing with it. However, it’s worthwhile to know what it actually is, so people can plan accordingly in case they end up needing it. It’s the full time care of a person who is not able to manage by himself at home, and…

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What are Infectious Diseases? What You Need to Know

Keeping hands clean helps prevent infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are illnesses that develop from viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi. These can live in our bodies without causing any harm, and in certain cases are healthy, but they sometimes can cause damage, illness, and even death. Types of infectious diseases Bacterial – these are caused by bacteria that enter the body and are…

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Ventilator Weaning Rehab

Ventilator weaning rehab

Ventilator weaning can be a challenging process, and only with careful assessment can it be successfully accomplished. Ventilator weaning rehab is the end of the process. When is a patient ready for ventilator weaning? It can be quite tricky to determine when a patient is ready for ventilator weaning, and there are several methods.  One…

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A Typical Day of Post Op Rehab

A typical day of post op rehab

Post op rehab is an important element of patient’s recovery after surgery. But what actually happens during the patient’s stay? While the particulars of each case will be different depending on the patient’s situation, needs and goals, there’s a basic setup to a day of rehabilitation. The mix includes therapy, rest, comfort, medication and support.…

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