Success Stories

Dear One and All,

Thank you so very much for my pleasant stay at Alameda Center. What great hospitality! It’s awesome how everyone helped me in my recovery and I’m very appreciative. Thank you everyone for getting me back on my feet. I would highly recommend anyone in need of a pick-me-up to come to Alameda Center.


~Valerie Matucheck

A simple everyday chore should not be a big deal. However when I stood on a chair to fix my window shade and fell, I realized I was seriously hurt. As I lay there waiting for help I knew things would never be the same. I was rushed to RWJ University Hospital with a broken hip. After surgery, they chose to send me to Alameda Center in Perth Amboy. Of all the help the hospital gave me, this was the best thing they did for me! Alameda helped restore my mobility to even better than it was before!

To thank everyone at Alameda that helped me would take more space then I can fit on this card. . . Thank you to all the staff of Alameda.

~William Woods

My experience at Alameda Center was a unique one. I was able to have the perspective of being the family member of a patient and then an actual patient myself. My mother was a patient first and her time here made my choice simple. After I saw the dedication and care with which my mother was treated, there was no other place I would go to after my open back surgery to recover and rehab. There was no stone left unturned from beginning to end in order to make this difficult period of my life the best it could possibly be. Every aspect of my stay was handled meticulously and with the care. The therapy department was in tune with everything my body needed and took the proper time daily to ensure a proper recovery would be achieved. Being in a rehabilitation center entails one being away from home and family. Alameda Center does everything in its power to ensure you feel at home and are surrounded by family. Choosing a facility may seem like it difficult decision but Alameda Center alleviates any and all concerns the minute you become a part of their family.

~Juan Cruz

I am a healthy man who just underwent successful knee surgery at JFK Medical Center. The doctors told me I would have to go through therapy to get my knee back in shape. It was brought to my attention that Alameda Center in Perth Amboy does an outstanding job catering to my culture and provides Indian food as well. Everything about this place is just good! Therapy. Food. People. I absolutely recommend Alameda to anyone. I enjoyed all the people here, from the other residents to the staff, everyone was so nice. A special thank you to the 3rd floor nurses who go above and beyond for their residents.

~Best wishes & many thanks, Shirishkumar Shah

After my recent surgical hernia repair, rehabilitation was warranted. Because it was abdominal surgery and I am an I was pleased with Alameda Center because everyone I came into contact with there treated me with dignity, respect, and always with kindness. I would recommend this rehabilitation and healthcare facility to anyone who needs its services.

I would especially like to thank the therapy staff, the
2nd floor nurses and CNAs, as well as the administration staff, for the outstanding care I received!

~Sincerely, Celia Arroyo

After my recent surgical hernia repair, rehabilitation was warranted. Because it was abdominal surgery and I am an older gentleman, I was nervous about getting back on my feet. From the moment I arrived at Alameda Center not only were my questions answered and my recovery addressed, I was treated with dignity and respect. The staff and employees treated me very well, and the physical therapy shortened my recovery time significantly. The food was excellent, the nursing staff top-notch. Everything was clean and well taken care of. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing rehabilitative therapy. A large thank you to everyone working here for my four-star treatment.

~Sincerely, Steve Conners

I recently suffered a serious stroke and was rushed to JFK Medical Center. Upon my hospital discharge, I was severely limited in my abilities and was not close to being the person I used to be. I was very nervous about choosing the right home. After much research and with the help of the social workers at the hospital, I chose Alameda Center in Perth Amboy. It has been the best decision I made since my stroke. The admissions office was outstanding and always available. The therapy was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed ñ after just two weeks it was almost as if the stroke had never happened. I would 200% recommend Alameda to anyone . . . I was so happy during the time I spent there.

~Sudaben Patel

When I came to Alameda Center I had trouble breathing and chest pain. I could not walk or even stand for more than a short period of time. Just four weeks later í’m going home and can walk (with a cane) without needing oxygen. The therapy wast the best! Mentally and physically I felt very good after each session. Cooperation in the facility is terrific and I was able to clearly see how all the therapists worked together as a team to help me. I’m so grateful that I spent time at Alameda.

~Bechabhai Patel

I was at Alameda Center for approximately 2 and a half months for rehab following a fall. All the staff that I came in contact with have been very efficient.

I would recommend Alameda for anyone that needs rehab care because you are well taken care of there and you have no time alone – the staff is always working with you and the therapy team works with you to make stronger. I really give them the 4.5 stars that they have.

~Andre Cabbagestalk

Michael D.
86 year old Michael D. was admitted to Alameda Center with atherosclerotic heart disease and acute kidney injury following a 3 month hospital stay. With a history of falls, a decrease in functional mobility and an increased need for assistance from others, he was referred to our Physical Therapy department. At Alameda Center Mr. D. received skilled nursing care ’round the clock and Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy 6 to 7 days per week to address functional mobility, gait, transfer training, bed mobility, stair climbing, training with Activities of Daily Living and safety skills.

Thanks to our outstanding skilled nursing and rehabilitation, Mr. D. was discharged home to his wife only 5 weeks later with good functional balance, ambulating with a rolling walker and contact guard assistance.

Mr. A.S.
Mr. A.S. is a 78 year old Hispanic male patient who was admitted to Alameda Center in January 2017 for rehabilitation after total hip replacement surgery.

A patient of Dr. Hardwood, a well respected Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) New Brunswick, Mr. A.S. presented a history of rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus II, Renal Disease which requires him to undergo renal dialysis on a weekly basis and degenerative joint disease.

As a Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR) patient at Alameda Center, Mr. A.S. was under the care of Dr. Vijay Patel who, together with the physiatrist and the entire Alameda team, planned a rigorous rehabilitation course. The intense physical therapy regimen resulted in his prompt discharge only 6 days later.

Post discharge communications with Mr. A.S. indicate he is very satisfied with the care he received at Alameda, noting that he is pleased with the overall rehabilitation process – and the food too! He would certainly recommend Alameda to his friends!!

Jerome S.
Jerome S. is a seventy five year old male who was transferred from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) to Alameda Center in mid October 2016.

He was admitted to RWJUH after experiencing chest pain for three days that culminated in an Emergency Room visit where he was diagnosed with a Heart Attack by the renowned cardiac team at RWJUH. He underwent a cardiac catheterization that showed three blocked heart vessels. Mr. J.S. had open heart surgery and after a week in the hospital was transferred to us for rehabilitation.

Mr. S. came to Alameda Center post open heart bypass surgery with an underlying history of Diabetes, Hypertension, Muscle Weakness, Abnormality of Gait and syncope. Under the care of Dr. Diptika Patel, cardiology specialist, Dr. Mark Niemiera FACC, our Nurse Practitioner and caring staff of Registered Nurses of the sub acute unit, Mr. J.S. rapidly progressed through both occupational and physical therapy regimens. Two weeks after rehabilitating in our Four-Star Medicare Rated facility, Mr. S. was successfully discharged and went back home.

Alameda Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, an area leader in rehabilitation is fortunate to have specialists of the caliber of Dr. Mark Niemiera who is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Having a cardiologist on staff assures our patients, families and referring facilities that the cardiac needs of our residents are promptly identified and treated on site; resulting in the prevention of unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Paul C.

Paul is a 57 year old male Perth Amboy resident who came to Alameda Center from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital following hospitalization for heart failure, syncope, sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, angina pectoris cardiac defibrillator implant, and obesity.

During his stay at Alameda, Paul tells us that our staff always goes out of their way to make his stay pleasant, that the food is great as he undergoes intense (“often tiring” he says with a smile) physical therapy twice a day, including weekends.

As a result of his steady improvement, Paul’s insurance company has extended his stay at Alameda, indicating that he needs to strengthen his walking muscles to be safely discharged back to the community. In preparation for his upcoming discharge, he recently went for a diagnostic and titration sleep study. The subacute unit at Alameda is staffed with Registered Nurses to assure that the care our patients receive mimics that of the hospitals.

Paul’s story is one of many success stories that make Alameda a Four Star Medicare rated facility and, more importantly, makes us proud of the job we do every day.

Audrey L.

Audrey is a 71 year old nurse who came to Alameda Center late in 2008 with heart failure, emphysema, cerebral infarct, hypertension and a debilitating muscular disorder. During her stay, Audrey has presided over Alameda’s resident’s council and her leadership role and nursing degree have afforded her the opportunity to be the voice of all residents to Alameda’s administration team.

Due to her debilitating muscular condition, Audrey relies significantly on Alameda’s caring staff. When interviewed for this brief story, her reply was simply, “Anything to get the word out of how great Alameda is.”

Audrey’s family has decorated her room to resemble her former home environment, adorned with beautiful plants ­– and she is happy to call Alameda her home.

Thomas S.

Thomas S. is a sixty one year old male that came to Alameda Center For Rehabilitation & Healthcare from CareOne LTAC at Raritan Bay Medical Center in June 2012.

He came to us with Guillian Barre Syndrome secondary to West Nile Virus, Bells Palsy, s/p gastrostomy tube and s/p tracheostomy to name a few of his diagnoses. He was unable to eat, walk, or verbalize.

Throughout his five-month stay in our sub-acute rehabilitation unit, Tom was evaluated and attended by our multidisciplinary care team: Our nursing staff, nutritionist and dietary team, speech language pathologist, respiratory therapist, physical and occupational staff worked extensively to restore his self esteem, aiming for a safe discharge to go home to his loving and caring family.

During his stay at Alameda, he was under the care of Dr. Andras Peter, the primary physician with follow-up by our physiatrist Dr. Harish K. Bhatt, our psychiatrist Dr. Boris Borodulin, our pulmonologist Dr. Raj Dhakhwa and our “Live MD” telemedicine team.

Fourteen weeks after his arrival, he demonstrated significant strengthening of his musculoskeletal system while gradually increasing his activities of daily living. Approximately two weeks later, he was able to breathe without mechanical airways. He was freed from his tracheostomy tube and soon after liberated from needing supplemental oxygen.

Tom’s family received thorough instructions in preparation for his home discharge. The day came when Tom’s dependency on our multidisciplinary health care team was minimal and he was safely discharged back to his home with his loving family.

Today, Tom is home, able to eat, speak, stand-up and take some steps on his own; a milestone for him, but a privilege and honor to the team at Alameda Center to have had the opportunity to work with him, delivering unparalleled healthcare to those we serve.

Miracles like Tom occur every day at Alameda Center, and we’re so grateful to be a part of this amazing Center!

Dr. Jorge L. Gonzalez-Gomez, Director Spanish Program and RRT

Camilio C.
“Since I’ve been a patient here at Alameda Center, my condition has been improving. I am on the road to recovery, and can communicate again with friends, family and staff. I want to share my success story with you.” – Camilo C.

BACKGROUND: “Camilo C., is a 76 year old Hispanic male who came to Alameda Center with a tracheostomy status post acute respiratory failure with chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis, a colostomy, malignant hypertension and some pressure bed sores. He was unable to communicate, had weak extremities, and literally—no endurance. Soon after admission to our sub acute unit, Mr. Canela was evaluated for possible decannulation. The tracheostomy tube was changed to a fenestrated style tracheostomy tube and weaning trials commenced. His capping regimen was gradually increased until he tolerated around the clock capping. The patient did very well and approximately one month after admission, he was successfully decannulated,” states Dr. Jorge L. Gonzalez-Gomez, BS, RRT.

“Mr. C.’s progress is slow but sure. His wound care treatments continue to yield improvement, his condition has not deteriorated, and he has not had any unplanned discharges from our Center. Our clinical staff continues to aggressively work towards improving his quality of life.”

Donna Pachman, Director of Nursing