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Honorable Mayor Javier Jimenez

Municipio San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

September 27, 2017

Alameda Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Perth Amboy, New Jersey wishes to help the Nursing Home bound patients whose insurance can be crossed over to our state and have a need to be relocated while Puerto Rico rebuilds.

We have a consortium of facilities with a capacity for 120 patients.

If you need our assistance, here we are ready to help. Please contact me by telephone at (732)406-4585 or via email

God Bless you and all of our brothers and sisters.

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez, Hispanic Program Director

To learn more about the New Jersey for Puerto Rico Hurrican Relief Program, click here.

Sayreville Housing Authority (SHA) residents get free Health Screenings & Education

by Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez, Dir. Hispanic Program and Community Liaison
On Monday, September 11, 2017 Alameda Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare offered complimentary health screening services and educational tips on End of Life Decisions.
The residents of the SHA were very attentive with the discussion of End of Life. The screening services consisted of blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels and blood oxygen levels. Over twenty residents and staff members participated and they were treated to refreshments (compliments of the SHA) following the discussion and screenings.
Alameda Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare is the only Four Star Rated facility in the area and has been chosen “Best of the Best” for rehabilitation services for three consecutive years. Alameda’s mission is not just treating the residents that come to the facility for sub acute rehabilitation and long term care BUT much more importantly, it is about providing the community we serve with the appropriate tools to remain healthy.
If you are interested in having Alameda’s staff visit your Congregation or Community Group and conduct educational series and screening services – free of charge – please call Alameda Center at (732)442-9540 and leave a message with the receptionist for Dr. Gonzalez Gomez.

Alameda Center’s New DON: Superior Expertise in Nursing Bolsters An Already Outstanding Clinical Team

September 5, 2017. Perth Amboy, NJ. Superior expertise in Nursing is essential to direct patient care and yet, it could prove insufficient when a patient cannot, in the midst of excruciating pain, find the right words to explain where the pain is located or how intense it is. This succinctly encapsulates what drove Jackie Fiorillo, to become Alameda Center’s new Director of Nursing.

image2Holding a BSN degree from St. Joseph’s College, Jackie’s extensive training in infection control will now play a key role in supporting Alameda’s efforts to sustain the lowest possible rate of re-hospitalizations, and her State Certification to train CNA’s is certainly an asset that allows her to provide both formal training sessions to the staff as well as direct one-to-one coaching during her supervising rounds throughout the day.

“We are proud to have someone as qualified as Jackie in our team” says Jay Berger, Administrator at Alameda Center. “Watching her conduct her daily rounds, making sure every patient is receiving prime care, is essential to our reputation for clinical excellence – and knowing that she is coordinating 24/7 with our Nurse Practitioner, constantly monitoring changes in the patients’ conditions, assures a continuum of care for our patients that translates into priceless peace of mind for their family members”.

Directly supervising a staff comprised of 200+ Nurses and Nurse Aides, is impressive in anybody’s nursing career. Nevertheless, it is something beyond the numbers that encouraged Jackie to accept the position at Alameda.

A self-described “Jersey Girl”, Jackie acknowledges that the opportunity to tend to people of different cultures was a decisive factor “because it demands a higher level of sensitivity to understand the clues, different for each culture, that are at the heart of wellbeing; And here at Alameda Center between the patients and our staff members, you have the whole world – all in one place!”

Indeed, Alameda’s multicultural staff is at the core of its excellence; yet, even more importantly, it is the staff’s multilingual skills that significantly raise Alameda’s capacity to access critical information from the patient that can help identify a potential complication right away.

Eager to contribute her 15+ years of experience, Alameda’s new DON is sure to advance the center’s mission to be at the forefront of charting new frontiers in patient care.

Alameda Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare is a 250-bed subacute rehabilitation and nursing care facility with a 30-year reputation for clinical excellence located in the heart of Perth Amboy, NJ, and recently awarded a CMS 4 star rating. For more information and to schedule a tour, please call Israel Kanarek, Admissions Director/Assistant Administrator at 732) 442-9540 extension 7280.

Improving Outcomes of Residents in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF)

Statistics show the nation’s 65 and older population is projected to reach 83.7 million in the year 2050, almost double in size from the 2012 level of 43.1 million, according to two reports from the U.S. Census Bureau.

This data translates into more residents needing healthcare at all levels and in particular, long term care. The wise baby boomer population can better prepare for the future TODAY by simply taking some preventive measures. Don’t wait to visit your primary care physician until you are sick, be wise; visit them when you are healthy, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The preventive measures exercise today will transform any sub acute rehabilitation stays into shorter inpatient stays.

Things we can do today in order to be healthy tomorrow include your routine check with your family doctor. Make sure you always have your blood pressure checked, colonoscopy, blood sugar levels checked, ladies and their annual breast cancer evaluation, cholesterol level checked, cat scans of your lung screening for lung cancer.

LTCF are prepared to meet the future needs of the baby boomer population. Our initiatives at Alameda include the use of Nurse Practitioner as part of the health care delivery team, fall prevention programs, Medicare newly launched Quality Assurance initiatives, Heart Failure and Joint Replacement programs in partnership with leading hospital systems.

In conclusion, be a smart and healthy baby boomer by reading, preventing and knowing who your health care partners are.

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez, Dir. Hispanic Program & Community Liaison

Meet Paul Preston, Director of Dining Services at Alameda

With a Public Health Degree from Rutgers University + Servsafe Certification … he’s got the kitchens at Alameda rocking!

Paul, what’s the best part of your job at Alameda?

The ABSOLUTE BEST part is the ethnic diversity of both Residents and staff: A truly unique array of people that reflects how remarkable Alameda Center is.

From your vantage point – what is remarkable about Alameda?

This is just for starters:
indian food pic

The 3rd Floor that hosts our Indian Cultural Program has a dedicated kitchen and all the food prepared & served is Indian and 100% completely vegetarian!

Just for this particular kitchen we have SIX cooks. And we are in constant contact with special vendors for the food items, spices, and condiments that allow us to cater to our Residents with their favorite dishes.

Go up a one floor and you find our trailblazing Hispanic Cultural Program that embraces the diverse cultures of the Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, Peruvian, Puerto Rican – to name a few.

Walk into this kitchen any day and you will find the widest selection of vegetables, spices & seasonings that allow us to pamper our Hispanic Residents with a taste of home everyday.

Given the diversity – how do you accommodate everyone’s preferences?

That is a challenge we have passed with flying colors! Essential to our success is the fact the Giovanny Hernandez, our Assistant Director of Dining Services, is Hispanic. That upfront allows us to understand the diversity of foods that pertain to each one of the Hispanic communities. Add to that the fact that Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, the Director of the Hispanic Cultural Program, personally supervises every aspect and that many of our staff members are Hispanic and voila – we not only have access to a wide variety of recipes but in-home staff members assuring the taste of the food is “exactly like home”.

How do you assure strict control of allergies, clinically prescribed diets, feeding assistance devices, calorie counts – while still catering to personal preferences?

We are ahead of the game: We have successfully transitioned the Monarq Dining Solutions Program. NEW at Alameda, this program allows us to maintain vital food and nutrition information including specific nourishment directives, allergies, likes, dislikes, calorie counts, tube feeding, guest trays and feeding assistance devices.

RBMC Foundation Honors Dr. Guillen with the Excellence in Medicine Award!

Raritan Bay Medical Center Foundation’s premier fundraising event, the 33rd Annual Harbor Lights Ball took place this past Friday, May 12, honoring Dr. Gregorio Guillen, with the Excellence in Medicine Award!

Dr. Gregorio Guillen, (in white tuxedo), together with Alameda QAPI Director Dr. Romel Arjona, (left) and Spanish Program Director Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez (center). All joined by their lovely wives Miriam, Rosario and Adaligia (L to R).

Dr. Gregorio Guillen, (in white tuxedo), together with Alameda QAPI Director Dr. Romel Arjona, (left) and Spanish Program Director Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez (center). All joined by their lovely wives Miriam, Rosario and Adaligia (L to R).