Las familias hispanas son muy unidas, y Alameda Center entiende esto perfectamente. Es por eso que desarrollamos un Programa especializado para hispanos.

Hispanic families are tightly knit – and Alameda Center understands that very well. Proud pioneers in catering to the healthcare needs of the Hispanic population, our successful Hispanic Program has set the standard across the Nation!

When a loved one is in need of subacute rehabilitation or skilled nursing care, you can rest assured that they will feel at home with Alameda Center’s Hispanic Program.

We have created an environment that honors the values
of the Hispanic community and features:

  • Spanish Speaking Medical & Professional Staff
  • Weekly Religious Services in Spanish
  • Hispanic Ethnic Cuisine Prepared Daily by Our In-House Chef
  • Free Spanish Periodicals including El Especialito, La Voz Cambio, La Tribuna, Dimencion, El Diario la Prensa, Litoral, Avance
  • Recreation Activities such as Dominoes & Bingo
  • Spanish TV Programming
  • Culturally Geared Activity Programs