Alameda’s Rain Garden: The First In The City Of Perth Amboy!

Alameda Center broke ground this week on an innovative stormwater management project.  The project, completed in partnership with Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program, the City of Perth Amboy, and Perth Amboy SWIM, represents THE FIRST RAIN GARDEN to be constructed in Perth Amboy to address stormwater runoff and reduce flows to combined sewers.

Funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the project is part of a larger community-based green infrastructure initiative in the City of Perth Amboy, called Perth Amboy SWIM (Stormwater Infrastructure Management).

The rain gardens at the Alameda Center are designed to capture, treat, and infiltrate an estimated annual 21,330 gallons of rainwater that fall on the facilities rooftop. These gardens, once complete, will provide storage for this stormwater runoff, allowing it to slowly infiltrate into the ground.

In addition, the rain garden will provide ecological benefits and a relaxing environment for the residents of the facility.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Rutgers and the community to build a rain garden at our site,” says Jay Berger of the Alameda Center.  “Our facility has been an integral part of the Perth Amboy community for decades and we are proud to be showcasing a project that demonstrates that commitment by improving local water quality and providing a relaxing environment for the residents of the facility.”

The goal of the initiative is to increase the development of green infrastructure demonstration projects within the City of Perth Amboy to help reduce the impacts associated with the 16 combined sewer overflows (CSOs) throughout the community.

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