Alameda Center: Specialized Excellence. Positive Outcomes!

Alameda Center’s healthcare team and medical staff meet quarterly to discuss trends and various cutting-edge programs.

The meeting that took place on February 2, 2017, centered around reviewing and analyzing Quality Assurance, and reduction of hospital re-admission data.

Dr. Chen discussed how United Healthcare’s Optum Program works to treat patients onsite using best evidence-based medicine together with Optum’s nurse practitioners to improve patient outcomes. Alameda’s Medical staff found the program promising and they embraced it.

Jay Berger, Administrator at Alameda Center appraised the medical staff on the launching of Alameda’s Orthopedic Rehab Program under the Direction of the prominent Orthopedic Surgeon, Surrender Grover.

Alameda Center: Specialized Excellence. Positive Outcomes!
Pictured L to R are Maryann Cook NP, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez-Gomez Dir. Hispanic Program, Dr. Inderjit Kaint with his wife, Dr. Romel Arjona, Dr. Andres Peter, Dr. Vijay Patel and Dr. Robert Chen. Also present Cardiologist Dr. Mark Niemiera, Dr. Pranab Haldar and Dr. Gerardo Estevez. Also in attendance Christiana Enworom Director of Nursing, Idalia Alvarez External Case Manager and Alameda’s Administrator Jay Berger, LNHA.

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