Alameda Speaks on “Protocols”

We’ve often heard that computers are able to communicate with one another, worldwide; because of the different “operating languages” they use via the protocols.

In healthcare, the use of clinical protocols allows health care providers to offer appropriate diagnostic treatment and care services to patients. Alameda has been at the forefront of protocol development for the often encountered health issues which our residents may encounter.

The protocols we develop produce streamlined workflows, bring uniformity to patient management by using “Best Evidence Based Medicine”, reduce staff confusion, make record keeping easy, accurate use of resources and cost savings. All of our protocols, are approved by our Medical Director. The end result is very clear, “Better Patient Care and Better Outcomes”.

An example is Alameda’s Sepsis Protocol. Our clinical staff closely monitors for a resident’s clinical markers of infection. If the resident displays a marker, certain diagnostic tests are automatically ordered and in certain circumstances; treatment may be initiated at once. The primary care physician and family are notified of the revised care plan. Prompt identification and treatment results in better patient care, saving healthcare dollars and keeping residents in their familiar “homelike” setting.

At Alameda, patient care is essential for us but innovating and staying ahead of the curve sets us apart from others.

By Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Gomez

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