Meet Paul Preston, Director of Dining Services at Alameda

With a Public Health Degree from Rutgers University + Servsafe Certification … he’s got the kitchens at Alameda rocking!

Paul, what’s the best part of your job at Alameda?

The ABSOLUTE BEST part is the ethnic diversity of both Residents and staff: A truly unique array of people that reflects how remarkable Alameda Center is.

From your vantage point – what is remarkable about Alameda?

This is just for starters:
indian food pic

The 3rd Floor that hosts our Indian Cultural Program has a dedicated kitchen and all the food prepared & served is Indian and 100% completely vegetarian!

Just for this particular kitchen we have SIX cooks. And we are in constant contact with special vendors for the food items, spices, and condiments that allow us to cater to our Residents with their favorite dishes.

Go up a one floor and you find our trailblazing Hispanic Cultural Program that embraces the diverse cultures of the Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, Peruvian, Puerto Rican – to name a few.

Walk into this kitchen any day and you will find the widest selection of vegetables, spices & seasonings that allow us to pamper our Hispanic Residents with a taste of home everyday.

Given the diversity – how do you accommodate everyone’s preferences?

That is a challenge we have passed with flying colors! Essential to our success is the fact the Giovanny Hernandez, our Assistant Director of Dining Services, is Hispanic. That upfront allows us to understand the diversity of foods that pertain to each one of the Hispanic communities. Add to that the fact that Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, the Director of the Hispanic Cultural Program, personally supervises every aspect and that many of our staff members are Hispanic and voila – we not only have access to a wide variety of recipes but in-home staff members assuring the taste of the food is “exactly like home”.

How do you assure strict control of allergies, clinically prescribed diets, feeding assistance devices, calorie counts – while still catering to personal preferences?

We are ahead of the game: We have successfully transitioned the Monarq Dining Solutions Program. NEW at Alameda, this program allows us to maintain vital food and nutrition information including specific nourishment directives, allergies, likes, dislikes, calorie counts, tube feeding, guest trays and feeding assistance devices.

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