Alameda Center’s NEW Director of Nursing: The Next Frontier In Clinical Excellence

June 25, 2018. Alameda Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare, a foremost provider of subacute rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, is proud to introduce Sandra Keffer, its new Director of Nursing.

Recognized for its clinical excellence, Alameda’s comprehensive inpatient care is geared for people recovering from a surgery, injury or illness and who no longer require acute hospital care – and the nursing staff at Alameda, is the driving force that upholds the clinical excellence throughout the rehabilitation process.

“The core of our excellence rests on the shoulders of the nursing professionals and their constant interdisciplinary collaboration with the physicians and specialized therapists” says Pinni Friedman LNHA, Administrator at Alameda Center. For this reason, “it is of utmost importance for our outstanding team of nurses to have a leader who can elevate their already high level of performance, and thus our overall clinical care”.

Enter Sandra Keffer, RN, a consummate professional with 25+ years of experience in subacute and long term care. Sandra’s clinical expertise comes through at every point of interaction; what is remarkable, however, is that along with her vast knowledge and experience, Sandra has a very gentle manner – and the residents truly appreciate that.

“You can have all the knowledge in the world”, indicates Sandra, “ but in the nursing profession we have to sustain the awareness that even though our day revolves around diagnoses and treatment plans, at the end of the day, we are dealing with people.”

People, we might add, for whom compassion and any extra effort to assuage their discomfort and pain makes an enormous difference.

Sandra’s choice to assume the DON position at Alameda is telling, especially when she indicates Alameda’s celebrated diversity as a decisive factor. A genuine people person, Sandra was impressed from the get-go with Alameda’s staff of nurses – their wide array of cultural backgrounds, and the many languages in which they easily communicate with the patients.

“I look forward to learning Spanish”, says Sandra “because of the wide population of Spanish speaking residents we have, and the success of our Hispanic Program that caters to their needs – but that’s just for starters”.

Intent on elevating staff performance and clinical care with valuable clinical technology, Sandra would like to implement PointClickCare® – a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based platform that that has proven successful in maintaining a single consistent record for each resident in one centralized place that is accessible to all the professionals involved in patient care.

Bringing real passion for nursing and with big plans to elevate the level of care, Sandra’s certainly in the right place: Alameda – establishing “New Frontiers In Patient Care”.
Director of Nursing-Sandra Keffer

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