Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare Facilities

Computerized brain


Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare facilities is becoming more ubiquitous, affecting outcomes of disease diagnoses, radiology, imaging, and telehealth., an artificial intelligence company in Florida, has recently partnered with Google to create an autonomous patient monitoring system for healthcare facilities


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare?


Artificial intelligence in healthcare uses complex algorithms and software to imitate human cognition and to analyze recorded medical data. Computer “vision” allows machines to collect data, to understand the data, and to identify and predict problems.


Patient Monitoring System


A patient monitoring system functions by utilizing sensors and neural network data analysis in order to create a “self-aware” room. By monitoring patients 24 hours per day using sensors placed around the room, the system can anticipate and predict accidents before they occur.


The Ultimate Goal


What does this mean for an older adult living in a healthcare facility? It means that they can maintain a level of privacy and independence while remaining safe. The sensors, using a library of human behavior data in the healthcare setting, identify recognized behaviors and immediately send medical staff information and predictions. The goal of an autonomous patient monitoring system is to enable staff within a healthcare facility to provide more care on an individual level. Without the pressure of always being everywhere for everyone, staff can respond more rapidly and efficiently to prevent mishaps or to intervene when an event occurs.


What do the sensors detect?


At this time, has deployed the sensors for pressure ulcer prevention, fall prevention, hand sanitation monitoring, and staff efficacy. In the next phase, it will deploy sensors to detect wandering patients, security violations, and visitor management.




By partnering with Google, is creating an enterprise-class platform, which is already piloting with a long-term healthcare service provider. While doctors and nurses are irreplaceable, artifical intelligence (AI) in healthcare facilities will aid them by providing more patient data, predicted outcomes, and accurate diagnoses. Medical staff will be freed up to connect more with their patients on a personal level and offer a level of care that ironically, is often lacking in our high-tech world.


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