A Typical Day of Post Op Rehab

Post op rehab is an important element of patient’s recovery after surgery. But what actually happens during the patient’s stay? While the particulars of each case will be different depending on the patient’s situation, needs and goals, there’s a basic setup to a day of rehabilitation. The mix includes therapy, rest, comfort, medication and support. Here’s a guide to a typical day in a patient’s rehab program.

Early morning

The patient wakes up for a new, exciting day on his journey to recuperation and re-embracing regular life. A nurse will check on the patient and bring whatever medications he needs. She’ll also assist in morning prep, which might include bathing and dressing, or other hygiene-related activities. If there’s a special need, a therapist or specialty nurse will offer assistance. Some of the rehab takes place in the re-leaning of daily activities themselves, not just on rehab equipment in the rehab gym. 

Then it’s onto breakfast, a meal that’s unique for each patient in the facility based on the assessment and recommendations of the in-house nutritionist. Some meals might be low sodium or low sugar, for example. A nurse or therapist might help the patient with eating if that’s part of his rehab regimen.


After the patient’s woken and eaten, he’s ready to start the therapy program. He’ll get taken to the rehab gym, which is outfitted with all of the necessary equipment patients might need for their therapy sessions, which include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and other specialized therapies that are specific to their conditions. Family members may request to join a therapy session to watch the process or be a supportive companion.


The patient eats lunch, which might require the help of an eating therapist or occupational therapist, who helps the patient achieve independence with activities of daily living. Then he’ll get some rest and relaxation, or meet with visitors.


The patient has another round of therapies that he didn’t have in the morning, increasing his strength and motor capabilities, helping him on the road to recovery. He may meet with several doctors, and there may be meetings between the team that’s coordinating care. They’ll evaluate the current progress of the patient and make recommendations for continuing care or adjusting the program.


After dinner, the patient can meet with visitors and rest up for the next day. Facilities often offer activities at this time, like games or communal get togethers. While patients can have their own televisions, facilities usually have a large screen in a communal room where patients can sit together and enjoy entertainment. Patients get to sleep fairly early to have enough energy for all the excitement and hard work of another day of post op rehab.

At the Alameda Center for Rehabilitation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, we love to have family members come visit and see what we do in a day of rehabilitation. After your family member is discharged from one of the local hospitals, such as Raritan Bay Medical Center, we’ll be happy to provide rehabilitation of the highest caliber.

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